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I don’t like Rachet Straps

SO this is how you use a ratchet strap! This is not how I was using it! Skip to the end about what not to do. I didn’t have to cut it, but I had to spend 20 minutes slowly … Continue reading

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Facebook Social Plugins fucking suck

Dear Facebook. Why do you hate us so much? How fucking hard can it be to design a social plugin that FUCKING WORKS. Please tell me the magic dimensions of your plugin, that will allow the ENTIRE row of faces … Continue reading

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Quicktime mkv mp4 passthrough greyed out

  Gotta get my Downton Abbey on…. but the christmas special I grabbed is mkv, and won’t play on the apple TV. First world problems. Found a TON of online problems/solutions, none of which helped. Final solution was damn simple … Continue reading

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Trailer Lights 2: The Brokening

So I’ve got 2 fuses down, and a broken tail light converter. Hit up the AutoZone and get me some fuses. I spring for the easy–fuse-tester which promises the ability to test fuses without pulling them. Every fuse I test … Continue reading

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Trailer Lights

Sunday’s project was to try and fix 3 issues with car – all related to tail lights. Replace broken left tail light on my Element Replace crappy old lights on my trailer Troubleshoot the right turn light on the trailer … Continue reading

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