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2016 Election: Disappointment

I’m not sure where to start – we lost the election. I don’t understand the sense of betrayal and alienation that I feel today. It feels as if 8 years of work has been undone, as if America chose their … Continue reading

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Windows won’t let you set your active hours to the evening…

Bah – they won’t let me set my active hours if they roll over midnight. Pretty fucking stupid.

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I’ve been looking for a set of 105.4 Grills for a while, but haven’t been able to find any. Due to recent family changes, having grills have gone from “nice to have” to “yeah let’s get that done”. I already … Continue reading

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BATTLES:…STUFF ( Honda Element Condenser Fan Replacement )

Done some pretty handy stuff lately, but not so much posting. So just giving some highlights.. BATTLE FAN: INSTALLED! +10 BATTLE YARD: MOWED! +1 BATTLE RAT TRAP: DEAD RATS! +1 BATTLE SPRAY FOR ROACHES: GOOD JOB! BATTLE ANTS: LOSING! BATTLE … Continue reading

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BATTLE DLL! How to Replace missing DLL in windows 7

My Device Manager stopped working. Looking online I found a number of possible routes to fix this problem. sfc /scannow : ( ) This runs a scan, looks for problems and “fixes” them Puts together a shitty hard to … Continue reading

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Garden Shade… Battle Rescheduled

Welp, that sure didn’t happen. Can buy square for $10 at Home Depot. So fuck me for all that time I put in. No time to build fancy shit before tomato season. As you can see these Tomatos are booming, … Continue reading

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Garden Shade… preliminary scrimmage pt 1: The Square

Well, it’s Sunday night, and I should either be working or sleeping. So instead I’m fucking off in the garage. I need to put together some garden shade over some very lovely raised garden beds. In the past we just … Continue reading

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How do I turn off auto play on facebook videos on iphone? Excellent question!

Has your data skyrocketed recently? Our data went through the roof. After years of only using 2 GB per month, we broke 6 GBs this month! Verizon doesn’t give us any real breakdown of our data use, and immediately blamed … Continue reading

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Campaign: MKIV GOLF UPGRADES pt. 3

A long time ago, in a garage far far away, I told my girlfriend I would fix her broken cupholder. I knew they just popped in / out, and getting a new one on ebay would be simple. I would … Continue reading

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Campaign: MKIV GOLF UPGRADES pt. 2

I am back to report a minor victory in the overall campaign. A necessary aspect of the upgrade was replacing the old 1999.5 MKIV emergency brake with a newer version. I think it is like 2004+ MKIV’s have the brake … Continue reading

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