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It’s never our fault: GoDaddy again

I’m having terrible speeds connecting to my FTP server which I host with GoDaddy. Call tech support, we do a traceroute. They blame COX, my ISP. Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1    <1 ms    … Continue reading

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RE256 Part II: The Searching Continues

Continued from Part 1 SCANLINES Modern monitors have a much higher refresh rate than in the old days, by a factor of 10. What I needed was something that could handle 15hz ( or so – I didn’t know the … Continue reading

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Why is the next button on the left? “CANCEL/BACK/OK. ” “CANCEL/OK” vs “OK/CANCEL”

Why the ever-living fuck isn’t the NEXT > Button on the right? We read from left to right. So the concept of motion is left to right.. so why does choosing the rightmost button take you backwards?! This metaphor of … Continue reading

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Windows won’t let you set your active hours to the evening…

Bah – they won’t let me set my active hours if they roll over midnight. Pretty fucking stupid.

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BATTLE DLL! How to Replace missing DLL in windows 7

My Device Manager stopped working. Looking online I found a number of possible routes to fix this problem. sfc /scannow : ( ) This runs a scan, looks for problems and “fixes” them Puts together a shitty hard to … Continue reading

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BLINDSIDED: WD Passport Drive Upgrade

This one is a complete failure, but learned a few things. Wanted to update my WD Passport Essential from a 500G to 2TB drive. My usual “Measure Zero, Cut Thrice” approach served me poorly here. I Ordered a Toshiba 2TB … Continue reading

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Extensis Support Frustration and Font Suitcase Manual Uninstall

I have a problem on a Friday night – Extensis Suitcase has frozen, and basically I need to delete the font database. Frustrating, but not a giant deal. Problem 1: An uninstall doesn’t remove all the necessary files. This is … Continue reading

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