Facebook Social Plugins fucking suck

Dear Facebook. Why do you hate us so much? How fucking hard can it be to design a social plugin that FUCKING WORKS. Please tell me the magic dimensions of your plugin, that will allow the ENTIRE row of faces to fill in.


I have tried adjusting the width and height over and over, each adjustment changing how many faces are missing on the last line.

Look at this crap:


Rather than looking like my client has 40k likes, it looks like he can barely fill up the damn grid.

It’s bad enough you stripped away our ability to tweak the CSS on your stupid plugins – but the shit doesn’t even WORK properly.  It’s not even broken consistently… refresh that badboy, and you get a random number of faces ( between 1-3 missing at the end ) .

So here are the major take aways:

1) Fuck whatever marketing “guru” told you to take away devs ability to customize these plugins

2) Fuck whatever person on your team thinks its ok to put out a shitty product like this.


Gossip Girl