VICTORY! A rare and wonderful sight. We did not emerge unscathed – the chair bruised, our noble companion Ser Pipe of the Wrench – spine snapped like a twig… but victory was ours. Tell the noble tale!

I Shall!

If you haven’t read about the first part of the battle... do so now!

Based on suggestions from YT, I laid down some DubD Forty. This video captures some of the Thrill. Be sure to put down a towel … that DubD is gonna drip through the plastic ring and onto the chair.

Then it was left to sit overnight. And today Ser Pipe of the Wrench Jr rode into the field.


I then proceeded to slam The HammaR down upon Ser, over and over. Slivers of metal stripped off the Gas Cylinder, and Ser took a savage beating:

IMG_5976-500Every few hits, Ser Wrench would need to be reset, but after about 15 strikes, the Cylinder turned – it then just lifted right out. I wish I had filmed it – you really need to watch someone beat on that thing to appreciate how hard you are going to be hitting it. WARNING! lots of metal slivers around afterwards – I grabbed the base of the cylinder and got myself a handful of metal needles.


Project Completed: +20
Money Spent: +10
Fallen Allies: -5
Damaged Chair: -10
Time Taken: Too fucking long for what should have been a simple switch

Protip: I got a cheap gas cylinder on eBay – it isn’t an exact match but it only cost me $30.00 shipped and works perfectly.


Now there is a chair that say “Look at me! I’m a 90’s web developer!” and says it with authority.

From the comments….:

Conclusion : Called Hermann Miller Customer Service. They were kind enough to send me the Lift-Off tool (if I promised to send it back. It’s actually quite expensive.) It arrived two days later.

Here is a link to a guy explaining how to use the Lift Off tool. He makes this look easy, but if it’s really stuck in there you’re going to have to hit it again and again and again.

It took about 500 hits with the hammer on the Lift Off tool, (while holding the chair in the air with my other hand and the rubber strap wrench.) I was ready to give up… when the cylinder just popped out. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Triumph!

Thanks Larz – here is the video you linked!


Thought this one would be a no-brainer, but well, here I am bitching about it. Have an aeron chair and need to replace the gas cylinder. I’m going in armed with a tutorial video, a Pipe Wrench, a 2 lb hammer, some towels, and the official Aeron_Chairs_Disassembly_Instructions_p3.

I’ve read that it “isn’t as easy at it looks” and “you really need to hammer on it”, but I wasn’t prepared for what was needed.

Lets take a moment to look at these instructions for changing out a part on this $1200 chair. The fact that a hammer is required made me nervous from the start. But just go into step 1 with the understanding that you are gonna fuck up that old gas cyclinder. You are gonna fuck it up good.


Yep. Just bang on that fucker. The center section of the gas cylinder peeled out of its black metal case and shot inward, freeing the base. Outer sheath with dented metal edges:


Inner gas cylinder still attached to chair. Its cool though – I’m pretty emboldened by my hammer skillz – maybe these instructions know what the fuck they are talking about.

aeron chair hammer it

Ok, Now Im uncomfortable again. How the hell is striking the base of the chair with a hammer going to free the cylinder? Plus, I dont really want to be hammering away on that plastic. So lets review just the first few seconds of our tutorial video again.

looks easy enough right? He just flips the chair, and twists it  CW with a pipe wrench. I can do that.


Nope. I twist on this damn thing so hard my pipe wrench breaks.


For the life of me I cannot get this off. I’m not done yet, but Round 1 is a draw. I got the base off, but seriously vexed by the gas cylinder. -10 points for scuffing the hell out of the side of the chair when I put it on the concrete with out putting down cardboard first.