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Campaign: MKIV GOLF UPGRADES pt. 2

I am back to report a minor victory in the overall campaign. A necessary aspect of the upgrade was replacing the old 1999.5 MKIV emergency brake with a newer version. I think it is like 2004+ MKIV’s have the brake … Continue reading

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Battle Wiper Hose: Flashback

Added a video to YouTube showing how to check the line on the washer hose / fluid line. This only covers the area of the line from the hood to the nozzles.  

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Battle: Guitar Speaker Mod

Nothing too special – I have a vintage speaker cabinet from an organ. I plugged a guitar amp into it, and like how it looks. However my new amp pushes the speaker a bit too hard, and I get some … Continue reading

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They keep

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Goddamn it

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It has been about 2 years in the making. A series of failed attempts, research, and a lucky CraigsList buy. Each issue I thought I solved raised another issue. Each solved issue raised a new possible upgrade. Typical example: Bought … Continue reading

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I hate these things, and I struggle to get them to work properly. That bronze thing sticking out of the end always seems to cause problems. Last night the RO system started spraying water everywhere. I suspect the plumber who … Continue reading

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As you know, I have battled the speedlight before. And been hopelessly crushed. I literally broke it apart to sell as scrap, and purchased a used Canon 550EX. This weekend however, I dropped my camera, and the flash hotshoe snapped. … Continue reading

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