Green VW MKIV 1999.5 Golf

It has been about 2 years in the making. A series of failed attempts, research, and a lucky CraigsList buy. Each issue I thought I solved raised another issue. Each solved issue raised a new possible upgrade.

Typical example: Bought cupholder, find out that it only works on 2000+ MKIVs. To make it fit I need to dremel out the radio cage. No problem, right? Oh wait, to do that you have to take out THE ENTIRE CENTER CONSOLE, and even then you are only halfway to getting the cage out. Well, how about a center console with a cup mod on it? Ok great.. but to make that work I have to BEND THE FUCKING EMERGENCY BRAKE. Nothing in this bullshit is simple. So… here we go…

It is time to fix a whole series of issues with a 1999.5 MKIV Golf.

  • Remove and replace damaged cloth on weather stripping
  • Replace broken glove compartment
  • Replace broken Dash Cupholder
  • Replace center console with additional cupholder mod
  • Replace interior handles / a pillars / etc

Much of this was made possible by a Craigslist Ad, where some guy was swapping out all the beige items in his car for black ones. His car was in amazing condition, and I was able to get some great pieces at a low price.

So lets kick this fucker off.



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