Ebay password reset instructions broken and incorrect

I hate this crap. Following the provided password reset instructions won’t allow you to get a “strong” password, and so your password gets rejected. Never mind that it has 19 characters, upper and lower case AND symbols. Nope you have to put a fucking number in there too.

As you can see, I clearly have 2 of the following: Uppercase, lowercase, numbers or symbols. What they REALLY mean is you need, ALL of the above.

Reset_your_password_-_2014-05-27_17.37.04Even though I have a green check by the password, it still doesn’t get approved. Great job assholes.

And god I hate that type of error messaging at the top. For some reason I miss it half the time because I’m looking down at the password. Or if I had a previous error ( say passwords didn’t match ) it isn’t clear that I have a NEW AND DIFFERENT error message.

So yeah, fuck off.




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