EVDI – the imaging company that couldn’t / GearView Basic

Had an interesting time with EVDI and my insurance. The first was the usual: We can’t tell you what it will cost / We can’t tell you the codes bullshit. I eventually had to get someone from Healthnet on the line to talk directly to EVDI to explain how to bill it. And of course it was done wrong, both by EVDI AND Healthnet. Luckily there was a transcript of the conversation so Healthnet only charged me the $50 they stated they would.

Now I’m in the process of trying to get copies of those scans. You’d think it would be easy. They are are afterall a fucking imaging company. This is the digital era. Getting a jpeg shouldn’t be a giant deal.

Now, I understand that Hippa makes this a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASS. So I end up with an encrypted CD with my data hidden somewhere in it. Still, shouldn’t be a problem. The problem? The instructions are incorrect. They tell me to run a “start.hta” file that does not exist. The Launch and Check.bat files also reference the start.hta… so someone clearly intended this file to be here.

It should be noted that my first request for a CD went unanswered. After a month, I contacted them asking where it was. They sent me a second one. Now – I contact them about the missing file, so they send me a third CD. It shouldn’t be a surprise that this CD is missing the elusive START.HTA file as well.

Calling EVDI I learn that I need to buy an expensive program to see the file. This sounds like complete bullshit to me, but who knows. And of course IT has left for the day ( 4:15 pm ) – so could I please call back tomorrow if I want to talk to them about it. I’m not optimistic, but we shall see.

Just a recap, all I need here is a fucking encrypted jpeg.


UPDATE: Found a free viewer that works: http://www.microdicom.com/dicom-viewer/

Run this, open the CD, bam. files viewable.

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