IOS6 App Store Categories Gone


So yeah, I guess I’m behind the times. I haven’t browsed categories on the appstore since whenever IOS6 kicked in. To be fair, I also didn’t update to IOS until recently. I don’t like trusting my daily communication to software updates. Late adopter in the hizzy!

While trying to find out where the fuck my cats went to, I came across this techcrunch article talking about how wonderful this is.

“This is a remarkable change, when you stop and think about it, as Apple is now directing users to trust in Apple’s search and recommendations over category browsing. It’s a move that’s almost reminiscent of the time when we stopped locating websites via directories, and turned to search engines instead. With some 700,000+ applications in the App Store, now seems to be a good time to begin directing users to new discovery mechanisms as well.”

First of all, you are totally fucking wrong. It isn’t “reminiscent of the time when we stopped locating websites via directories“. It would be better to compare it to that time when Amazon and eBay removed their categories, and replaced them with suggestions of for what you should buy, based on your previous buying habits. Oh wait. They haven’t fucking done that. Do you know why? Because its a shitty fucking idea.

I can’t imagine anyone over at Apple user tested this, much less that it tested positively.

What I found perhaps MOST frustrating is not just that the button for it is gone, but that when I find apps, I STILL SEE THE FUCKING CATEGORIES, but I CANNOT CLICK ON THEM. Apple is actively preventing me from getting to where I want. Being forced to use Genius might make sense for their marketing team, but the useability is shite.





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