local network misery – nothing can communicate

Running a home network should be really easy at this point in my life. I don’t know how windows continues to fail at this task. This isn’t a one time thing either – it is a constant issue. I have 1 computer that can see all networked computers. 1 that can see some of them. 1 that can see none of them. All windows 11. Doesn’t even get started on file sharing with the macs.

Typical misery:

  • Scan document. It fails to save on networked drive. in fact, this laptop can no longer see any of the networked drives.
  • I fight this for a little bit, say fuck it, I’ll just upload it to google drive
  • Google drive needs 2AF for login. It pings my old phone, which is unpowered as I am replacing it. I grab my new phone, fire up GoogleAds ( because .. I don’t know this is where we do things now? last year it approving through youtube? wtf google ). Oh I’m not logged in. Try to login, oh 2FA
  • Go find my ipad. download googleAds. luckily it doesn’t require 2FA
  • Authenticate scanning computer
  • upload documents
  • go to main computer
  • 1/2 document missing
  • It says uploaded on scanner computer
  • I’m looking at drive, and it isn’t here. ok, go reupload. Says document already exists. Overwrite
  • Go to main computer, watch the file show up

I’m just so exhausted with this endless shit. Say what you will about Apple, at least they have a functioning experience. When I just need to copy some fucking files and it takes me all this extra time to do it, I miss that.

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