Miele Electric Wand – gets clogged and sucks

A few years back Miele updated their vacuum cleaner line to include an “electric wand”. This means that the power cord for the vacuum head was run through the “wand” instead of outside it. The advantage is that it is now easy to unplug and change head attachments. The disadvantage is that crap now gets stuck inside the vacuum tube, which is a major design flaw. In order to allow the length of the tube to change, they used a coiled cord inside. This is similar to old expanding phone cords you might remember – you’d also remember how easy those were to get tangled and catch on things. In this case, it catches on random crap and plugs up the hole.

I often don’t notice it is plugged for a while – you’d think it would be obvious, but it isn’t. So you can vacuum a room or two before you notice just how messed up it is.

UPDATE on how Miele resolved the problem with the wand

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