SEMRUSH’s Authority scores are completely bogus for B2B websites

Something I’m seeing lately is how SEMRUSH’s “Authority” and “Toxicity” scores are complete garbage. They heavily prioritize advertisement sites, Search / Industry Directories, and off topic linking. But the most annoying is how useless they are for B2B websites.

Of our top 4 toxic sites, 1 is an incredibly important industry event and the other is one of the top industry news sites. Being mentioned on either of these sites is significant, and outgoing links indicate other top websites in the Industry. These sites should have absolutely top Authority ranking.

For comparison, if a client were Ford Motors, and the links they received from The Chicago Motor Show were all flagged as Toxic backlinks. Additionally, SEM’s Authority ranking for Ford Motors would be much lower, as these sites should be greatly adding to Fords Authority.

When looking at one website, these top backlink providers all have low Authority scores. The highlighted ones are some of the top industry related websites.

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