Trailer Lights 2: The Brokening

So I’ve got 2 fuses down, and a broken tail light converter. Hit up the AutoZone and get me some fuses. I spring for the easy–fuse-tester which promises the ability to test fuses without pulling them.


Every fuse I test ( even the blown ones ) show a green light… so I’m clearly not using it correctly. Its cool though, I know which ones are blown, pull em, replace em. Test my blinkers… car is back to normal.

Next I’m going to chop out and swap in the new converter.



Turn on the lights and… still no joy. The right tail light is NOT blinking. At this point I’m feeling pretty stupid, since the odds of having the replacement converter broken in the same way, are pretty slim.

So I bust out the tester again and see:

IMG_4652-600 IMG_4653

Same problem ! Power coming in, but not going out. Not quite sure what to do here, going to hit up some forums and see if I just have some bad luck. Either way , not fixing this tonight!



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