Campaign: MKIV GOLF UPGRADES pt. 2

I am back to report a minor victory in the overall campaign.

A necessary aspect of the upgrade was replacing the old 1999.5 MKIV emergency brake with a newer version. I think it is like 2004+ MKIV’s have the brake and it is slightly angled to fit the new center console I’m using.

Despite several online forums suggestions “Just grab the ebrake and bend it”, I was dubious. This is such a common solution, that someone on fucking ebay even suggested it when I tried to buy their ebrake. “Oh dont buy a new one, just bend the old one”.

I tried this a bit and

1) It didnt work that well and
2) Bending it just seems like a dumb idea, and something that would probably come back to haunt me at the trial.

So…. bought the new brake, and had to figure out how to remove the black leather hood, and replace it with the current beige one.

On reflection I should have probably just kept the black leather, but w.e.

TIME SPENT: Minimal. maybe an hour or so. 5 pts
COST: Minimal. $20 on ebay. 5 pts
SHIT BROKEN: The leather hood. I gave up and just cut that fucker off. -5 pts
BONUS VIDEO: I made a fucking video. enjoy. +5 pts
WORKS?: Hell yeah it works. +20 pts


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