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BATTLE SPEEDLITE! PART UNO ( Speedlite 420EX Camera Flash )

Because I don’t have enough hobbies, and because apparently shopping for things is more fun than actually using them, I have taken up PHOTOGRAPHY! And because I am cheap, and hesitant about spending money, I limit my impulse spending to … Continue reading

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Nice UI Adobe

A Search inside of an Adobe product doesn’t give you anything resembling a fast answer – it just takes you to their crappy website. A google search gives me a faster fucking result. Hire some UI designers you dumb fuckers.

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Microsoft Update Tuesday Broke Outlook

Thanks Asshats. Microsoft updates broke Office 2007, Skype, Mozilla, Chrome. I’ve uninstalled 2 updates ( of the 23 ) which lets me use Excel again, but Outlook still crashes. Reinstalling Mozilla fixed that. Skype is still fucked. I’ve tried jumping … Continue reading

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VICTORY! A rare and wonderful sight. We did not emerge unscathed – the chair bruised, our noble companion Ser Pipe of the Wrench – spine snapped like a twig… but victory was ours. Tell the noble tale! I Shall! If … Continue reading

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Thought this one would be a no-brainer, but well, here I am bitching about it. Have an aeron chair and need to replace the gas cylinder. I’m going in armed with a tutorial video, a Pipe Wrench, a 2 lb … Continue reading

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IOS6 App Store Categories Gone

So yeah, I guess I’m behind the times. I haven’t browsed categories on the appstore since whenever IOS6 kicked in. To be fair, I also didn’t update to IOS until recently. I don’t like trusting my daily communication to software … Continue reading

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Aftermarket Stereo Install for my 2006 Honda Element part 2

Continued from…lement-part-1/ Ok – so the first thing I do as part of the installation is unplug my car battery. I don’t want to accidentally short/fry anything. With the front trim panel off, I remove the 4 screws shown … Continue reading

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Facebook Social Plugins fucking suck

Dear Facebook. Why do you hate us so much? How fucking hard can it be to design a social plugin that FUCKING WORKS. Please tell me the magic dimensions of your plugin, that will allow the ENTIRE row of faces … Continue reading

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Quicktime mkv mp4 passthrough greyed out

  Gotta get my Downton Abbey on…. but the christmas special I grabbed is mkv, and won’t play on the apple TV. First world problems. Found a TON of online problems/solutions, none of which helped. Final solution was damn simple … Continue reading

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